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Travel Tips for more relaxed travel

Travel can open our hearts and minds.
Travel can teach us to be present and enjoy the moment.
Travel provides opportunities to learn new things and meet new friends.
Travel can also be stressful.
Here are 14 packing tips to help alleviate some of the challenges that may come up along the way:


1.  Make photocopies of key documents— your passport, railpass, car-rental voucher, itinerary, credit card.  Leave a copy with a friend or scan and email a copy to yourself.
2.  If traveling abroad you can check ahead on US customs rules and duty rates at : www.cbp.gov.

3.  DO NOT check essential items like -- prescriptions drugs, credits cards, identification, glasses, vitamins, contact lenses.  These should be packed in your carryon.
4. Pack with dry-cleaning bags, they are the best kept secret for keeping your clothes from wrinkling.  You can roll each clothing item in a dry cleaning bag or if you are packing flat, you can just place a dry cleaning bag between your layers. You will be amazed!

5. Rolling clothes takes up less space in your suitcase.
6. Don’t forget a small bag (could be a ziplock) for -- lip balm, ear plugs, sanitizer, eye drops, tooth brush, headlamp, cough drops, tissue, maybe even a tea bag or two.
7.  In fact adding a couple extra ziplock bags for wet or soiled items, left over food or loose coins or jewelry is a great idea.
8.  In a pinch A large scarf or light shawl can be so many things…
an evening accessory, airplane blanket, towel, beach coverup, hair cover, sun protections, picnic blanket,…...get creative
9.  Don’t forget to leave space in your suitcase for bringing home souvenirs and clothes you purchase along the way.
10.  A small sewing kit or just needle and thread can come in very handy.
11.  To save space stuff socks in your shoes
12.  Dryer sheets take up no room and can remove static from your clothes and hair.
13.  Pack a hat
14.  Only take clothes you feel good wearing. Don’t waste space with clothes or shoes that do not add to your overall enjoyment.