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6 Must-Have Accessories for a Long Flight by Mike Dunphy for Road Warrior Voices

Passenger Cabin, photo by Ronald Sarayudej, via Flickr

Passenger Cabin, photo by Ronald Sarayudej, via Flickr

During flights to far-flung locations like Thailand or New Zealand, you might start wondering why you didn’t just take a 2-hour jaunt to Miami, which wouldn’t have required you to sit next to the world’s worst airline passenger for 14 hours. While long-haul journeys might never be stress free, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to soften the blow. Add comfort to your long haul flight with these 6 must-have accessories:

Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, photo by  J. H. via Flickr

Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, photo by J. H. via Flickr

Noise-Canceling Headphones

With more than double the usual decibels we hear at home, jet noise is anything but music to the ears. The best relief lies in a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones like the Sony MDR-1RNC Prestige, which, although expensive, ingeniously block out all noise, including your neighbor’s snoring and that nearby screaming baby. It not only makes listening to music or watching films less of a strain, but also help induce sleep by muffling sound even when not plugged in.

USB battery charger, photo by Japanexperterna (CC BY-SA)"

USB battery charger, photo: Japanexperterna (CC BY-SA)

Portable Charger

Wi-Fi may be growing more common on flights, but outlets to power your device remain in short supply. That means online fun only lasts as long as a single charge of your battery. That is, unless you have a portable charger that connects via a USB port and comes in various capacities and designs, including slim travel models like the Lumsing Power Bank.

Skin cream, photo by Stux via Pixabay

Skin cream, photo by Stux via Pixabay


The pressurized air at 36,000 feet may be keeping you alive, but it’s also dehydrating you with a humidity level up to 50 % less than natural air. Bottles of water undoubtedly help, but other useful hydrators include skin moisturizers, eye drops, nasal sprays, lip balm, hand sanitizers, cleansing towelettes, and even, toothpaste. Just make sure all quantities are not more than the 3.4 ounces allowed by the TSA.

Kuhi Comfort pillow, photo by Kuhi Comfort

Kuhi Comfort airplane neck pillow, photo by Kuhi Comfort

Neck Support

Sure, those inflatable collars can make you look like a dog after an operation, but they can save you days of pain by providing the right support and alignment for the neck and upper spine. Plus, they can keep you from drooling onto your neighbor’s shoulder in your sleep. The newest airplane neck pillows, like the RestAHead and Kuhi Comfort, are far more discreet and don’t require blue-faced inflation.

Wool Socks, photo by Bark, via Flickr

Wool Socks, photo by Bark, via Flickr

Smart Socks

Shoes may make the man on the street, but on the flight, it’s socks that count. Many travelers swear by compression socks, which help to increase circulation. But a good pair of wool ones should do much to keep your feet dry, warm, protected, and free of stink, which your neighbor will undoubtedly appreciate in the 11th hour.

Aviator Laptop Stand, photo by Keynamics

Aviator Laptop Stand, photo by Keynamics

Laptop Stand

Unless employing the controversial Knee Defenders, chances are, the person in front of you plans to lean back on your lap at some point during the flight, tipping your tray to an impossible angle for working on a PC. A portable laptop stand raises the sight line and provides a more neck-friendly angle. Some, like the Aviator laptop stand, disassemble into three easily portable pieces.