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Embrace the Journey (aka: How to be a Happy Traveler)

When we asked people what makes them happy when they travel, many of the answers revolved around the desire to have the trip between Point A and Point B go as smoothly as possible. What travelers describe as “Happy Travel” is travel without delays, unexpected glitches, or unforeseen hassles. We agree! No one likes to come across additional difficulties that can eat up precious family or vacation time.

At Kuhi Comfort, makers of the innovative airplane neck pillow, we understand that Point A and Point B are the focus of many trips. However, we would like to suggest that the experiences you have in between actually contribute to Happy Travels. We call it Embrace Your Journey. We offer that many of the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a happy life are the same attitudes and behaviors that grant you access to the Kuhi Comfort One Million Happy Travelers Club.

Here are 5 attitudes and or behaviors that contribute to a happy life and that can translate into Happy Travels:

1. Treat Yourself with Kindness

Make sure you take along some of your favorite things to nourish yourself in case of a delay or unexpected detour. You might include your favorite candy, snacks, a good book, writing journal or anything that helps you feel at ease.

2. Be Your Authentic Self

Be willing to share your true self. Take time to honestly feel what is right for you. Do your best to identify with who you really are and not with who you think you are supposed to be. When you need it, take private time for yourself. Embracing your own authenticity can inspire you to see the genuineness in others.

3. Connect with Others

Notice who is around you. People watching can be fun but it’s even better to make new friends. Be curious about your fellow travelers, ask questions, offer assistance, and listen to stories of their travel adventures. Interact and get to know the locals by inspiring them to talk about their city.

4. Express Gratitude

Appreciate what others do for you. As simple as it sounds saying “thank you” can greatly improve your travel experience. The Happy Traveler says “thank you” to everyone: the bus driver, the hotel clerk, their fellow travelers. You will feel better and you will get better service when you appreciate the efforts of others.

5. Be Playful

Regardless of the nature of your travel, allow yourself to engage in activities simply because they provide enjoyment and make you laugh. Create fun opportunities to interact with others. Instead of waiting to get to your destination, incorporate play along the way!

Your attitude can make all the difference when it comes to traveling. Our airplane neck pillow can help you travel in comfort, making it much easier to keep spirits high. Shop our selection of travel pillows today!