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Kuhi Comfort, Inc is committed to providing products that help reduce the stress of travel.  

In response to the ubiquitous “U” shaped travel pillows on the market that push one’s neck forward in an awkward position and leaves the head unsupported, the patented Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow was introduced at the Chicago Travel Goods Show March 2011.

Uniquely designed with two luxurious travel-size cushions that cradle your resting head, Kuhi Comfort allows you to lean comfortably against any reclining seat; on a plane, on a train, in a car, even at home in your own recliner.

On first glance the simple structure may appear to provide a single fit.  However, the handles on each cushion invite you to take a hold to flip, twist or turn the pillow for maximum adaptability and personal comfort.

In a reclining chair, slip Kuhi Comfort behind your neck.  Try it with the handles to the front. Then flip it 180 degrees putting the handles out to the side.  You will feel its versatility.  Then get creative, twist the pillow so that one handle is front and one is out to the side.  The twisted position is a favorite for many travelers.

Made from a microfiber velvet with the highest durability rating and stuffed with a loose fiberfil, Kuhi Comfort is made to withstand the wear and tear of travel.  The entire pillow and the carrying case are machine washable.

According to celebrated wildlife photographer, Moose Peterson, “…..because it is one of the most predominant hues in nature it (brown) gives a sense of familiarity.”  This natural color is also associated with stability and security.  For these reasons Kuhi Comfort is manufactured in a warm chocolate brown to create a calming sense of place for any traveler.

Kuhi Comfort comes in its own handsome water resistant carrying case that slips conveniently over the handle of your rolling luggage.

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