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What's in a name?

Why "Kuhi"

So many people ask, “where did you get the name “Kuhi”? I tell them that in order to create a Brand you have to have a name that is unique like the product.  For awhile I carried a note pad around with me (OK, so I am giving away my age since it was not an iPad but an old fashioned paper and pen) and wrote down names as I thought of them, but nothing seemed to stick.  In a way it was like when you are expecting and coming up with names for your child. It is somewhat always in the back of your mind; you start to notice names all around you.  As luck would have it I came upon a Hawaiian dictionary.  Now, Hawaii definitely conjures up thoughts of rest and relaxation.  And there it was, Kuhi. As you can see from the entry below, one of the online Hawaiian dictionary definitions of Kuhi is... ”To imagine”.  There I had it.  It stuck right away. It had the right feel, the right sound and the right meaning. And with the addition of Comfort, it would join the tradition of so many well known brands (Coca-Cola, American Apparel, Dunkin’ Donuts, American Airlines) that use alliteration in their names.




1. nvt. To point, gesture, as in speaking, directing an orchestra, or dancing the hula; gesture, pointing. Hula kuhi lima, sitting dance with gestures of hands and swaying of torso. Ka iʻa kuhi lima o ʻEwa, the gesturing sea creature of ʻEwa [the pearl oyster; it was taboo to talk while gathering them]. hoʻo.kuhi To teach the art of gesturing in the hula; to point, etc. (PPN tusi.)

2. vi. To suppose, think, infer, presume, assume, expect, surmise, imagine. He kuhi wale (For. 6:523), a supposition. hoʻo.kuhi Caus/sim. Rare.


Kuhi Comfort….”Imagine How Rested You’ll Feel”