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Help at the Airport

So you have a quick lay over at Chicago O'Hare International airport.  Your connecting flight boards in just 1/2 hour and you want to get a bite to eat or you are really craving a smoothie or you need a bandaid for the blister on your finger but you have never been to the Chicago O'Hare airport. Chances are you are going to have to dash to get what you need.  The problem is you do not know which way to dash when you get off your plane.  Which concourse, which terminal will have what you are looking for?  GateGuru to the rescue! The GateGuru App on your smartphone is free and has all the airport information you need.  Install GateGuru and you will have at your fingertips the location of food, shopping and ATMs at hundreds of airports.  You will be able to read reviews and tips from other travelers.  And you can write your own impressions of the airport services. Give it a try.  The price is right and it may help you get your smoothie and still board on time. Travel Well!